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Check out examples of Grant's victories*


Grant secured a $3,500,000 jury verdict in Lubbock County, Texas for injuries sustained to his client when he was struck by a car while walking across a parking lot.


On the eve of trial, Grant secured a $2,240,000 confidential settlement for injuries his clients sustained in a car wreck.


Grant diligently pursued a con artist who stole $600,000 from an elderly woman, eventually getting over a two-million dollar judgment.


After a hard-fought trial, Grant secured a large jury verdict for a client whose land was taken by a utility company.


After Grant's client was sued over baseless allegations, Grant obtained a confidential settlement agreement worth over $1.5mm against the plaintiff.


Grant secured a confidential settlement for a client who suffered a shoulder injury in a car wreck.


After Grant's clients were sued over the ownership of real property in Austin, Texas, Grant took their case to trial and won a $1,350,000 judgment against the plaintiffs.


After a short trial, Grant obtained a verdict of over a million dollars on a $500k contract dispute.


Grant obtained a $1,250,000 confidential settlement for a client whose roof sustained hail damage and the insurance company refused to pay.


Grant fought to obtain a confidential settlement for a client who suffered a concussion in a car wreck.


After a utility company took the land of Grant's client, Grant took the utility company to court and secured over a million dollars in payment for the taken land.


After Grant's corporate clients were sued for $41,000,000, Grant fought for a judgment that the plaintiff take nothing by its suit. On appeal, Grant secured a finding from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals sanctioning the plaintiff for bringing a baseless suit.

* The amounts listed do not indicate money received by clients. Instead, these amounts represent the total verdict or settlement amount—subject to attorney’s fees and collection.

Victories: Clients
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